Family Self Sufficiency Program (FSS)

Franklin Housing Authority participates in the FSS program to assist its residents transition from rental to home ownerhsip.
FSS Escrow Account
The  HA will establish an FSS escrow account for the family. A portion of the increases in the family’s rent because of increases in earned income will be credited to the FSS escrow account in
accordance with HUD requirements.
Resources and Supportive Services
During the term of the contract, the HA provide the resources and services listed in the individual training and services plans. If the resources and services are not available, the HA will try to substitute other resources and services. However, the HA has no liability to the family if the  resources and services are not provided.

Home-Ownership Center has partnered with Franklin Housing Authority FSS Homeowners Workshop classes are as follows:

The FSS Homeowners Workshop 2018

  1. January 9 and 23

  2. February 13

  3. March 13 and 27

  4. April 10 and 24

  5. May 8 and 22

  6. June 12

  7. July 10 and 24

  8. August 14 and 28

  9. September 11 and 25

  10. October 9 and 23

  11. No meetings in November nor December.