Buying a Home?


Learn how to keep more of your money by understanding which debts to pay off first.  A Housing Advisor will provide an in depth analysis of your credit report and work with you to develop a budget and eliminate high cost credit cards.  Are you curious about the CARD ACT, schedule a counseling session today to find out more!


Highly skilled Housing Advisor will conduct a thorough analysis of pertinent loan documents, such as, Loan Estimate, Closing Disclosure, Original Loan Application, Mortgage and Note to determine if systemically fraudulent patterns exist.  If such patterns exist the file will be forwarded to a specialist for further review.


The Housing Counseling Network provides pre-purchase counseling which includes: budgeting, credit, financial management counseling, and savings techniques. Pre-Purchase Counseling is done in a one-on-one environment.  Your advisor will review your credit, budget, and affordability to determine if you are mortgage ready.


Learn the 10 basic steps to purchasing a home!  Our housing counselor will review your credit, and pre-qualify you to determine if you are mortgage ready.  The Housing Counseling Network uses the latest state of the art technology to get pre-approved in a non-predatory environment.  This course satisfies HUD’s First Time Homebuyer Education requirements for Federal, State and local housing assistance programs.  Please email to sign up:


Designed to help more people obtained certified homebuyer education. This online version helps individuals get the education and certification that they need at their convenience.  Upon completion of the course, applicants are required to complete a one-on-one counseling session (in person or over the phone).  This course satisfies HUD’s First Time Homebuyer Education requirements for Federal, State and local housing assistance programs.

Online sites both in English and Spanish: or


To turn your financial problem around you must understand your flow of income and expenses. The HomeOwnerShip Center offers Financial Management online through eHomeAmerica. We help you take simple and effective steps to repair your credit and put you back in the drivers seat with your budget or spending plan.  On line site:  click on Money Management – also in Spanish


HOC Center for Civil Rights provides support and assistance to persons, including tenants, landlords, and homeowners who believe they have been discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, or handicap.

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