Student Loan Debt Counseling

A college degree will open a lot of doors. But what about the massive amount of debt you racked up earning that degree?

One out of every seven student loan borrowers will default on their loans within three years of graduation. A defaulted student loan represents months of missed payments. The damage to your credit can be catastrophic. And if you don’t get yourself back on track quickly, you open yourself up to legal ramifications, including wage garnishment.

Don’t let student loan debt ruin your life. You have options. Our trained counselors can help you bring your student loan debt under control and keep it under control for the life of the debt.

Student loan counseling includes:

  • A thorough evaluation of your financial situation, including a personalized budget plan;
  • An audit of your current loans, identifying all of your lenders, servicers, loan amounts, and terms;
  • An analysis of all available options, including specialized repayment plans, deferment, forbearance, consolidation, forgiveness programs, and more; and
  • Explore options for rehabilitating student loans that have gone into default.